Sunday, November 7, 2010


(Photo: Ilachinski Skies of Skye)

The siren sings to me on cloudy days;
when the water sits,
like glass, reflecting the sky.

Her melancholy song
returns my soul
to a peaceful place;
where the rocky shores
soften beneath my feet,
and the sea birds call
floats through the air,
joining the rhythmic
crashing of the tide.

Here, I found it;
my sanctuary of life.
Standing on this unforgiving shore;
I melt into the foam
gathered along the water’s edge,

releasing one last breath;
my soul is finally home.

Posted for the Sunday Picture Prompt @onestoppoetry.  Be sure to check out the incredibly talented poets posting today as well as the interview and photography of Andy Ilachinski—Stunning don't miss photos!


  1. Great poem for the picture. You took me there and brought me back to earth. I live, again thanks to your words.

  2. nice. great descriptors...finding sanctuary...might as well stay...smiles.

    hope your move goes well..

  3. a home for the soul..the rhythmic
    crashing of the tide...beautiful

  4. The siren song adds a nice layer—perfect allusion for the scene. Fine poem. Uplifting ending

  5. the siren song was my favourite part too....wonderful poem...cheers pete

  6. Loved it, as usual. Your descriptions painted the perfect made it "real".

    BTW, I agree with the others that said the siren part really helped lay the foundation...the mood for the rest of the prose.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. the siren sings... when the water sits.


    the whole poem. Lovely.

  8. I like that you connected the photo to the sirens. That's a good allusion.

  9. Thank you for all the kind comments. I really appreciate your input.

    I changed the ending of the poem. The original poem:

    "I melt into the earth,
    releasing one last breath;
    my soul is finally home."


    "I melt into the foam
    gathered along the water’s edge,
    releasing one last breath;
    my soul is finally home."

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Thanks again,

  10. Another really good poem. The power in the words and the imagery they create is just incredible. I grew up by the sea my whole life and the memories of walking along the promenade in my lunch breaks during the winter months came flooding back to me when reading this.

  11. For most parts of my life I live on the sea ( being a Mercantile Marine Engineer ). The sea, for all its fury, is very merciful and many a times lulls a weary mind. Perceiving it from along its shores, on it, or as for many of its marine creatures, from beneath its depths, it is definitely a sanctury.
    Good visualisation, well chosen words, well written poem. I loved it! And that photo is just "picture perfect" for your poem! :-)

  12. I like this poem of Skye very much, the atmosphere you paint in words is how I remembered this island when I first visited it as a small boy with my dad and mom. It must have been in 1959-1960. First day slept in a B&B in Portree. At Uig, I think it was at the north side, we camped with a small tent many days in the rain. I later returned with my wife and small boy to re-enjoy the beauty of its desolated surroundings.