Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Gift of Innocence

We sit in silence;
watching the waves
roll across the bay.
The birds chirp
their happy morning tune
to the sound of her sweet hum.

I stare at the water, mesmerized,
by the peaceful beauty
captured in this moment,
the calm surrounding
this nothing of a day;
spotted with the laughter
of people passing by;
we hear a plane
flying in the distance.

She finds, in her adventures,
Nature's wonder;
a "diamond" filled rock,
shimmering in the noonday sun.
The spider web,
so perfectly crafted;
glistening silken strands
floating in the breeze.

But it is Her beauty I see;
my treasure, a gift of innocence,
heaven sent,
so that I might see the world anew
through fresh, unjaded eyes.

Here you'll find my soul;
rolling with the waves,
flying in the powder puff skies,
listening to the birds,
following her down a gravel path
to the water's edge;

Eternally lost in play
with my dearest Meagan.


  1. I wandered through this poem, enjoying the brushes of the painter expressing the idyll, the innocence of beauty, slowly floating me away into a dreamy mood. I like to linger here for a while

  2. Beautifully word-crafted, drawing the reader into this wonderful ambiance of love and tranquility. Another brilliant one Ranee!