Monday, November 15, 2010

Impassioned Lovers

I wander through the dusky twilight
searching the heavens
for a sign of our broken hearts;
fading stars, cast aside by jaded lovers.

Though the lights have dimmed,
the passion they hold is still raging
in the darkness of eternity;
set aflame by the hope of loves renewal
from impassioned souls,
begging to touch and be touched;

Wanting…waiting for that distant lover,
traveling through the misty mountains
undaunted by a barren land,
spotted with the litter
of empty branches, once heavy with
the weight of passionate pleasures.

Carefully he floats down
the river of broken dreams,
towards the setting sun,
flying on gold dipped wings into
the nothingness of the shadowy beyond.

His soul stalks the stars,
following my sirens call
through the great heavenly bodies,
where my soul rests,
waiting for gentle fingers
to glide across my alabaster landscapes;

Waiting for my breath to catch
his sweet scent,
thick in the air…heady…musty;
I need not guess,
for I know my lovers heartbeat
like my own, steady…rhythmic as the tide,
washing over sparkling white sands,
as the full force of his passion
...washes over me.


  1. Dima:

    Beautiful poem. The passion and prose gripped me all the way through.

    And the ending: all tingly feelings.

  2. It is a very beautiful and passionate poem. I am blown away by your emotion and love in the words.

  3. A wonderfully presented work of love and passion. Well written.

  4. Absolutely amazing! LOVE IT. Evoked so much longing in my soul and body.

  5. Outstanding. A poem full of love and loss, want and desire. Beautifully crafted yet again.