Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Gas Station Lady

The gas station lady stands
in front of the old Arco,
screaming obscenities
 to an apathetic crowd.

Even if they took a moment to listen
to the random rantings of the "crazy" gas station lady,
it's likely no one would catch the pain
buried deep in her words.

She speaks of society and government
and aliens dropping from the heavens;
of God’s glory and grace;
All the subjects we so carefully avoid.

Conspiracies of the heart....the mind;
leading her on a daily journey,
from Target to Arco to Burger King
and back to the old grocery store,
where she sleeps away the chilled night
in dingy blankets and cardboard boxes.

Insanity took her mind long ago;
these people now take her soul.
I glance at the uncomfortable faces,
Desperately trying to avoid eye contact;
praying she will turn on someone else.

And then I remember…

I am one of those people;
standing in the crowd,
avoiding eye contact.
Desperately hoping
she will turn on someone else.

And I cry…

Not out of pity or sadness,
but from the realization that
I am one of those people.

Are you?

I live by these words. Giving love, kindness, compassion, money should be done freely, without strings. Love is not conditional.


  1. true love is unconditional - i agree.
    i always think it needs lots of wisdom to deal with homeless people - they are easily wounded, some of them very proud. and they sense it very quickly if you have not really a heart for them. i liked your poem a lot ranee and i know this feeling, you describe

  2. This poem is so true to life. We steer clear of what we dont understand. Those people may cry out so loud with a desire to be understood

    thanks my dear

    moon smiles

  3. You have brought out the discomfort of helplessness ( your helplessness at extending comfort to a demented person ) through this wonderful piece of writing. I agree, most of us have gone through similar situations in varying degrees at one point or other in our lives . Nicely done. Thanks.

  4. great narrative here ~ I know this lady with the cardboard boxes ~ souless eyes ~ seemingly beyond reach ~ many walk on by ~ but to try we must ~ very well done and nicely penned indeed ~

  5. I think I'll be this woman in a few years time if I keep up with my ranting. Great poem and an insite into self. I love your thinking.


  6. haunting and true, even now I cna think of times when I have been that person. She is the only honest one out of us all. She speaks her mind, wears her heart on her sleeve and goes through all lifes discomforts and sucker punches. A touching and new way of bringing attention to a problem that haunts out society wherever we are in the world. Nobody likes something who is different, we fear it. The days of the good samaritan seemt o be over and that too makes me want to cry.