Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vortex & Dream Light

Caught in the vortex now
That place where the compass
Spins round and round
Because there is no up or down
No instruments to guide us
It’s unlikely they work anyhow
We are blind
walking through a dream
Shadow images of ourselves
Waiting for life to happen


Dream light breaks
across his eyes
This realization brings
Concerns of longevity
A familiar pondering
Tugging at the fray
As my hopes drop

Such a look is not unknown
Discernment of reality
crawls inside their hearts
Becoming a muse, a vision
Cast with flowing wings
An illuminator of paths
Yet hidden in unyielding hearts

The task is wearing
For all the giving
My place of emptiness
Perhaps a punishment
for leading so many astray

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If this Problem Persists

If this problem persists
assistance may be required
to sort out the details
of missed connections

If this problems persists
Incessant, relentless
hiding of self
Facts left in darkness
Cause created
for deeper examination

If this problem persists
Held in secrecy
caught from view
Perched on the corners
of eyes unable to see

If this problem persists
Fates will be rendered
Consequences manifest
Never have existed
such Sadness…as the loss
that…this never was
If this problem persists
communication break downs
will start to build-up
resulting in a lack
of us

Monday, January 24, 2011

Faceted Relief

Step back from the keys
You can’t quantify this with images
No qualification of words
will enhance the colors

Without  destination
It’s a journey
of emotion and time
compacted with thought

Creating a faceted
relief of love
That’s right…I said love
cause that’s what we got

I feel it seeped into the creases
tucked in the folds
of forever, sitting on my lips
It’s what we have…a forever love

There’s no need to explain
these thoughts with flowered words
It’s inked on our souls
a connection that rolls to the bone

Let them craft their words
never knowing the true art…of love
cause it sits in silence
through the darkness
on a whisper
in eternity


Our Love.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sweet Temptress

silent cries of the mind
taught to be good
because boys don’t cry
over past regrets

stories hidden in each, she finds
revelations of sorts
darkness that sometimes
leaves a mark on their heart

drowning souls
desperate to impart
past affliction to someone
but not just anyone

in her arms they lie
reminiscent murmurs of jaded events
colored by anger and regret
pouring from their lips

yet still she stays
holding each gently
caller of Men
she beckons such thoughts
pulling them from darkened hearts

comfort is her power
the ease in which she speaks
vulnerability carefully wrapped
in soft silken words

singularity of desire touches her lips
a wish to see the glow
when the sun rises in their eyes
because they know

…with her

they are Men.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Craftsman

Contemporary contemplation
Masterfully ripped
in thoughts dripping amber
each glistens as they enrapture minds

Removed from the confines
of the rational
He toils to lay silken lines
across the beating
Filaments spinning
to liberate the fleeting
whims of those passing by

Expertly crafting melodies
Strung on the hopes
of the ones left beating
the rhythm of language
mapped out in the soul
His thoughts pull them together
making each whole

Left behind in silence
the words still resonant
as antiquity falls
fading to amber
My thoughts are a whisper
Exposed to the rational
reality falters
Faced with the truth
we melt into darkness
He has that affect sometimes

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Destination Unknown

                The Rickshaw driver in my mind never stops to ask directions.  He continues to travel at breakneck pace rocketing across the sky faster than any star could fall.  No peace to be found on this never-ending road leading to destinations unknown; at least, unknown to me.

                On occasion it seems as if he stops to ponder a passing image.  Something brightly colored catches his fancy and off he runs in search of new stimulations.  It’s wearing on me…the constant movement is exhausting.  So much so that sleep is nearly impossible.

                I seek out things to sooth the gyrations.  The ocean never stops the surge, but the movement is soothing.  There is an order to the waves that steadies my mind.  It allows me to focus long enough to form coherent thought, but much beyond that is useless.

                You would never know when I talk to you a hundred other ideas are spinning.  Little things caught on the spaces between conversations.  I hear what you say…all of it.  I understand the meaning in your words; it’s just that he won’t stop to let me enjoy them.   You have to understand it’s not that what you’re saying isn’t important to me.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s the man who keeps me from holding onto the imagery you so faithful layout.

 If you look into my eyes…past the sparkle, you can see him moving.  He hides in the flow of ideas shifting from one side of my brain to the other.  When I speak of insanity, I speak of him.  The prospect of total sanity is impossible in a mind moving too fast for thought. 

I see all the paths my life might take.  All the opportunities and where they lead…all at once.  It scares me to have such clarity; like seeing the future, or futures, without any real control over which path I will follow.

In one of those moments, I felt sheer terror wash over me.  The cold hand of fate reached down to touch my mind sending a chill through eternity.  I saw a future void of us and my breath caught on the nothingness we were to become.  It was far beyond frightening and I do not desire to feel that way again.  It’s not that I want to keep you, because I do not wish for such a fate. 

The reality is that I want you to be part of my future.  You take the time to explore the world and people in it as will I, but at the end of the day, when night has fallen, I want to find myself in your arms.  I understand the limitations.  We both have lives to tend, but if we let the pieces fall, the picture will clear and a rhythm will begin.  So I have one question…I know it’s a lot to ask, but…

“Can I keep you?”

Friday, January 7, 2011

Burning Silhouettes

In the golden dawn
black birds screech
a faithful warning

Blazing beyond my sight
the sky liquefies
from transcendent dreams
crawling from the flames of despair
 flowing across landscapes
holding on to a silent moon
removed from the grasp
of world-weary beings

In these dreams of gold
the sky drips cobalt
its sorrow thick
from the indifference
of a universe
fallen from faith

Yet still he stands
watching the burnt-orange silhouettes
traverse towards an empty horizon
Searching for hope
detached  from the reality
of a hopeless world.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Certain Love

weighed with precision

love confined

each drop measured

fancies defined

set to rules

no one can follow

conditional parapets

make the heart hollow

always a string

thin strips hidden

an alternate reality

doing whatʼs bidden

unknowing, unwilling

something more spilling

turn in the tickets

unfettered drilling

without circumstance

dive through the glass

towards shifting thoughts

leading unfeigned stance


is the only condition

love should live within

total attrition

can your heart stand the strain

emotions bared

but without all the pain

step forward to the edge

removed from provision

plunge into the uncertainty

of certain loveʼs fission

~ Poem by @jtwhitaker & Ranee Dillon

Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Last Breath

tiles shifted

arranged in order

by direction

wipe the table

tossing each to the floor

they land, soul up

Heart exposed

the picture haunts me

truth revealed

it screams in my mind

there is no silence

to hush the din

it falls on my ears

though sweet, the words are sharp

my soul turns

trying to hide from revelation

but the absence of him

brings clarity, to a muddy mind

there in the tiles

arranged in order

brightly colored

a story told

of emotions bared

i step back

taking one last breath

for the Fallen

as i take my place among them