Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Won a Poet at the Willow Street Fair

I went to the fair on a warm summer’s night
The Willow Street fair to laugh and play in the carnival lights
I studied the games to look at the prizes
they came in so many color, shapes, and sizes
To my amazement I saw something there
sitting behind the pink teddy bear

A poet,

He smiled as I threw my first darted verse
at the Carny,  whose manner was just a little bit terse.

“Well done, ma’am,” he said, with a tip of his hat,
I laughed, because he sounded a lot like a cat.
“but,” he continued,  “one stanzas only wins a rose.
And I’m afraid your lines were more like prose
than poetry meant to win the heart
of our poet, with your lightly versed dart.
Fear not, try again, it’s only a dollar.”
The Carny said, adjusting his sweat laden collar.

I tried once again, gilding my verse
with flowery words, but these lines were worse
The rhyming was off and the rhythm fell flat
And still on the shelf, my poet happily sat.
His smile, meant to encourage, just tied up my tongue
I’m finding this game is no longer fun.

But the light in his eyes captured my heart
So again, at the Carny, I threw a versed dart.
Hoping this time the words held more meaning
I could see on his face, the Carny was scheming

“Dear, Madame, your words were truly poetic,
But I’m afraid the attempt was still pathetic.
Our poet needs fire, warm, passionate words
Not light fluffy verse meant for the birds.”
He turned to the poet, with a laugh and a sneer,
I looked at the poet, my eyes welled with tears.
But there he sat smiling, not moving an inch
I drew in a breath, my heart felt the pinch

I turned from the booth with a heart heavy sigh
That’s when I heard him starting to cry
He called out my name as I walked through the crowd
I wasn’t expecting to hear such a sound
It gave me a start, I stopped in the lane
Up with the teddy bear my poet came
smiling, then grabbing me warm in his arms
How could I resist such masculine charms?

My heart melted quickly, as he opened his mouth,
at the lyric words that came pouring out.
I smiled, and then kissed his warm pouted lips
his hands reached down grabbing my soft, rounded hips.
And that’s how it happened, believe me it’s true
go to the fair and I’ll win one for you.

Written for One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry.  Check out the talented poets posting this week at One Stop Poetry  http://t.co/Xbcg5cB .


  1. A great story to be read! The flow worked well and how can you resist a good carny tale?

  2. there was such a joy in this read...it held me intrigued to the very end...really did enjoy reading this...thanks pete

  3. my, I enjoyed this so much I HAD to read it again. what great imagination you have! Love the rhyme, the rhythm, the flow… I had a huge smile on my face when I was finished… need I say more? :)

  4. i wana go, I WANA GOOO!! ;-)this was amazingly adorable... loved it.

  5. What a charming story and poke at poetry experts. boy those Carnys can be a tough bunch to please

    give her the rose...

    thanks for sharing with One shot
    have a great Thanksgiving

    Moonie hugs

  6. Dear Ranee Dillon
    Wow... I enjoyed it so much.. its a great one verse.. I was immersed in your words... thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  7. I loved the idea of a poet sitting behind the pink teddy bear. :)