Monday, November 1, 2010

The Path I Missed

I walk wearily down a mud laden path;
direction unknown,
 the haze clouding my everyday follows.
Destination veiled, I wander aimlessly, hoping
some magic destiny will find me;
but life holds little wonder on this day.
Look just off the road,
perhaps you can see the path I missed;
leading to that secret garden,
where children still dance and giggle
in the warm, bright sun lit afternoons.
Take me there, with you;
away from the everyday to a happier place.
Let us dance together with the children;
laughing in the moonlight
to joyful sounds of Pan’s flute.


  1. Beautiful. As always. thank you for sharing.

  2. I like it! You should have a key on your computer that you press when you're done writing amazing poetry and songs that says "BOOYA!" really loudly.

    I have a key on my laptop that says "IN YO FACE!" everytime I beat writer's block...OK, so it really says "Grrr!", but that's besides the point.

    Your writing is amazing and I love the way you transport the reader into your prose.

    Very well done!

    Marcus :)

  3. Another very impressive elloquent poem. Simply beautiful.