Friday, November 12, 2010

Copper Headed Angel

(My Beautiful Meagan)

She plays, as always,
in a pool by herself;
comfortable with the solitude.
It saddens me to see,
the loneliness hidden
behind that bright smile.
Those sparkling blue eyes
don't reveal the pain
of being the school outcast.

She know?
An outcast from her peers;
who look at her with scorn,
unable or unwilling to understand
that quirky sense of humor.

They tease and taunt her;
this beautiful creature,
gracefully gliding across
crystal waters.

They don't see the treasure
she holds within her heart;
The gift of love she shares
so freely, with every living soul.

She turns to me and smiles,
running across the light blue waves.
"Mom, look!" she calls, giggling,
"I'm running in the water."

I smile, then nod
turning away so she can't see,

...the tears I cry
for my Copper Headed Angel.


  1. Many a times the world views its surrounds through the refracted rays of a self-constructed prism, and cannot see the brilliance and beauty of the true rays. "I smile, then nod...turning away so she can't see..the tears I cry.." Touching.Wonderfully written.I loved it.

  2. No word of a lie, this poem reduced me to tears. Not only through my own personal memories of being the outcast but because of the truth in the words, the beauty you make of such an ugly part of society; our judgement and treatment of others. Stunning!