Monday, November 1, 2010

The Message

Here I sit, on this moonlit beach,
waiting for you to reveal my secrets.
I carry precious cargo from faraway lands;
a note, a message of loves first touch.
The words of an impassioned heart
reaching out for your warmth, your light;
so that it might live, renewed
by the tender uttering’s of passion,
from wine touched lips.


  1. You thinking of putting together a poetry book? :) I'd buy it!

    Great as usual.

  2. I'd buy it too. And I LOVE this poem. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. thank you ;) awwwww I want to have it framed with some beautiful artwork. This is... I'm in tears and they're not all sad. thank you.

  3. Another wonderful poem. It conjours up so many emotions all at once. As always I am very impressed.