Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wild Imaginings

It courses through my soul
A pounding rhythm beating
To the melody
of this hummingbird heart

It’s a sound of you
Stolen to thought
Trapped in perceptions
I cannot release

Ever present I fight the urge
But still I run into the vision
flames dancing on the sands
Unquenchable all consuming

Though it burns my fingertips
I reach out to hold you
Because I crave the fire
of your wild imagings

They blaze through my mind
Blinding me with brilliance
A light found hidden
On the edge of insanity

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  1. unique and wonderful interpretaion of the image, ranee. enjoyed and thanks for posting it :)

  2. I like it, especially the imagery behind: flames dancing on the sands
    Unquenchable all consuming

    Nice one shot.

  3. Love the fire metaphor - the picture and poem are a perfect harmony of images.

  4. The burning and craving create a nice contrast with the desire that flows through the body of the poem.

    Ncely done for One Shot

    Moonie hugs

  5. The rhythm and the burn..sexy! Well written. Thanks, Gay

  6. That fire of insanity... powerful idea not fearing that edge. Indeed a human reach of desire, though been known to cause many burns. Nice work!

  7. Felt warm reading you Ranee, love the fire imagery..Passionate one shot :)

  8. i have found much passion there at the edge of insanity...very nice..

  9. Exquisite use of imagery yet again. "Flames dancing on the sand" was just one of a number of powerful images you spun. Spellbinding poem.

  10. Great and powerful imagery once again. The way you used the picture to create something so different is amazing.

  11. Good mind-pictures, good flow/line breaks - worthwhile work. :)