Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Universe in a Heart

A Christmas thought on the Heart & Love: 

            The heart is like the universe.  Its expanse so great that it never fills.  You could place the stars, the planets, and the sun within still there is room for more.  The stars are those people who have touched our souls.  Some remain while others pass through our lives, but each has left a stardust trail in our souls.  The planets are people who live in the everyday.  Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children.  They are large ever present forces revolving with evolving love.  They laugh, cry, and sit with us through every solar storm ripping our universe apart. 
The sun…well, now that’s an important part of our universe.  Though many need a sun to help light the darkest parts of their soul, few have found that ever elusive love.  Make no mistake; the sun isn’t always a boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, wife or husband.  No, the sun is that one person who, even in their worst moments, still has light to share with you.  They can put aside pain and frustration to focus on your universe; to share the light of wisdom and knowledge with you.  We all need a sun.

            So my wish for you is simple: Find peace in your heart, love in the eyes of the planets around you, and hope in the warm touch of sunlight from a soulful sun.

All My Heart....eternally....Ranee

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. You are indeed a gifted writer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.