Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Living with an Open Heart

I wonder sometimes if living with an open heart is the wisest thing to do.  A heart completely open to love is also open to pain.  Don’t get me wrong, both are equally necessary in life, but the pain can cut straight through to the soul.  I remind myself to breathe; when my heart is aching.  Just as love can capture my breath, so can the pain of your silence.  Perhaps there’s nothing to say or maybe we already said too much.  Either way the words sit empty on the page.  Passion fading as time moves forward.

I flounder trying to find the imagery to convey my precise thoughts.  So the meaning is not mistaken.  I know in the end you will read into my words, just as my heart, at times, reads into yours.  There’s no crime here.  Though my heart is bruised it is not broken.  And so I walk again into the flames, because they call my soul to live.  I decided long ago that I would not hide my heart behind vague references.  The passion and feeling is clear.  I live with the pain.  It makes me stronger…and should I, along this winding road, find a person willing to walk along side me, hand-in-hand through the flames, I will count myself among the lucky.  For such love is rare and should never be cast aside.


  1. Beautiful! I love how you get me to reflect.

  2. The talent that you have is to capture in words those feelings of your open heart. You convey the pain and hope so we all can see it and feel it. A truly extraordinary gift.

  3. Hard to ask another to face those flames but a true love to the heart and soul would - I beleive

    A poem it may be but a sentiment and desire is present here as well

    perfect One Shot Ranee

    Love from the Moon

  4. Flames of love and life and heartbreak always burn, yet if with fail to walk through them to fresh air, how can we breath freely again. I enjoy your words. Cheers, David