Friday, December 17, 2010

Featured Poet: The Incredibly Talented Nomar Knight

There are times when words touch us so deeply that we must take to pen and pour our hearts onto the page.  It is my great honor to present three poems written by the incredibly talented Nomar Knight inspired by my Images of a Lonely Heart Cast to Sea post. Nomar pulled out and captured the sorrow of those poems with such beauty that it brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you, Nomar, for sharing your talent with me and the world. 

There was a warning in the fog
I listened, but didn't understand
The echo of heartache
Visible  amongst the pounding waves
Music to my ears
I stood, waiting in anticipation
For my lovers touch
Praying she'd stay
Not just in heart… in spirit too
Hope blinded me with fogs of mystery
Because, you see, I'm stubborn…always
My heart needs your soft caress
Lovers dance feeding flames
All consuming desire
Awakened from a trance
Realizing I was lost in a dream
Shocking illusion
Lifted as the fog
Scattered, shattering this crystal heart

Words of passion become daggers
To bleeding souls
Slicing bits of my heart
Maddening isolation chips away sanity
Its pain breathes despair
Haunting my waking dreams
Empty promises carried on whim
Tortured hopes killing passion
Yet here I stand
A shadow of yesteryear
On life's angry shores
Indifferent to strangers
Giving them a taste of invisibility
I gaze at the sea
Its steady rhythm soothes my essence
Stabbing reality deep inside me
The dream built on desperate whispers
In soft pained cries
Collapsing at the touch of another
Embattled at what may come
Even the shining of heavenly lights
Dimmed by liquid skies
Fails to cleanse away
The sins built by stormy seas
Let the siren's call pull me down
To the darkest abyss
Entrapping me forever
In an icy prison
Where once I had hope
Let it seal, lost to memory
Where passions buried illusion
And the souls ravaged
By the echoes of silent screams.

Somewhere between tied tongue I lost you
Your heart slipped through broken breaths
Like the emotions I meant to convey
Perhaps voiced words are dense
Or the ideas dripped through wounded veins
Either way I see your weak, constipated smile
Empty eyes vacant of love
The sparkle a mere memory
But when I think my senses failing
Illusion masking truth
Feeding me a glimmer of hope
That our soulful love is still strong
It's not love, no it never was
I knew when the song broke down
Lyrics of plastic love carried no weight
But my heart mourns the loss just the same.

                     Nomar is dedicated to the support of all artistic talent.  This fact is evident in the regular features of writers and artists on his blog.  Please enjoy more of Nomar's talent at his blog KnightChills .

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  1. Thank you Ranee. You are most kind and I'm honored that you liked my interpretations of your amazing poems. Thank you for sharing your great talent with me and the readers at Knight Chills.