Saturday, December 11, 2010

Echo in my Heart

I’m feeling empty right now
There’s an echo in my heart
A hollow place where love should sit
I want so desperately to fill it
With something, anything

Anything except pain
It’s already there coating the walls
So everything slides back in

Everything except love
Because something so beautiful
Floats on silver lined clouds
Blanketing the heavens waiting
For lovers, true lovers
 To walk along moonbeams to reach it

But that’s not where my heart lies
No, it sleeps in a place I don’t speak of
When I talk of goodness and giggles
The emptiness I keep hidden
Beneath the words, under the smile
Behind the eyes where people don’t look
Because it’s an ugly thing
Consuming all those it touches

I think it’s always been there
In my heart…tucked away in my soul
I don’t listen to the pain
I turn away and put on a smile
To mask the tears dripping down my chest
Becoming a river, drowning my soul

Turn away now, before you see through
The colored glass shielding my eyes
Before the light fades and the emptiness returns
To consume you.


  1. This is beautiful...truly, it is. That's the power of writing -- you speak to others who may feel the same way that you do but aren't able to put their pains and loves into words.

    Thanks for sharing your writing with us!

    Best Regards,


  2. Thank you for sharing your pain beautifully. Your vivid well choosen words words bring your soul's pain to us stunningly. Some have experienced other circumstances but the same horrible soul pain is common to all. It will pass

  3. evocative imagery in this piece, Ranee. I like.

    Warmest Salad

    Luke @ WordSalad

  4. Ranee, I believe the most evocative Poetry reflects the inner feelings and turmoil in the soul of the poet responsible. A wonderful example. Thank-you.