Monday, December 13, 2010

Images of a Lonely Heart Cast to Sea - 3 New Poems

There was a warning in the fog
I didn’t listen…I never do
The echo of heartache
Hidden by the crashing waves
Missed my ears
So there I sat waiting
For my lovers touch
Knowing that he was removed
In heart…in spirit
Another warning left among the fog and waves
Because, you see, I don’t listen…ever
My heart longs for a passioned touch
To walk within a lovers flame
All consuming desire
Haunts my heart and mind
Until I am lost in a dream
An illusion of emotion
That waits in the fog
To shatter this crystal heart

Words of passion become daggers
To wanting hearts
Cutting through my soul
The loneliness eats away at the edges
Its hunger is endlessly
Haunting my waking dreams
The ones your words promise
To fill with passions essence

Yet here I stand
Alone on this shore
Nodding at the indifferent faces
Of strangers passing by
Who all but ignore my presence

I gaze at the sea
It pulls the loneliness from my heart
Making the sting sharper still
The dream created by whispered words
In soft sweet cries
Fall and melt when touched by a soul
Pained at the loss of hope

Even the shining of heavenly lights
On the liquid sky
Fails to ease the ache

Cast me now to the sea
Let the siren’s call pull me down
To the briny deep
Locking me away forever
In an icy prison
Where once I lost my heart
Let it stay there as a memory
A memorial of passions illusion
And the souls ravaged
By the silence of empty words.

Somewhere between the words I lost you
Your heart fell through the line breaks
Like the emotions I meant to convey
Perhaps the imagery was soft
Or the ideas left your heart wanting

Either way I feel the loss of passion in your smile
Empty eyes once full of love
No longer sparkle for me
But then it may have been a play of light
That fooled my heart
Made me think the glimmer
Was light from a soulful love

It’s not love, no it never was
I knew when the words were written
They carried no weight
But my heart feels the loss just the same


  1. I read a lot of pain and sorrow in this poem. I feel loneliness and despair. It conjours up vivid images and recals personal memories. Congratulations you have once again bested yourself.