Friday, February 18, 2011

A Subtle Mix

It will wear at the edges, a fray of thoughts the mind pulls at to unravel the mystery. Taking a moment to look around you'll search for what's nagging....did I remember to lock the car? Did I forget my bag?

A subtle mix of fear and loneliness begins to descend as you continue to float from room to room. All the while, the answer sits just behind the one door that remains closed. The one that stays out of view, stalking the corner of your eye.

* * *

The ticking echoes to a boom
in a maddening silence
stalking the mind

A master of souls, his messenger
comes with the beating
caught by a notion that's fleeting

He knew when the ink
was set to page
the words would haunt

The scent of such truths
invades the senses
Ferreting thoughts cast in shadow
a welcome revelation

Yet still, I find,
there are times
when the mind reaches
for the comfort of ignorance

* * *

"This isn't goodbye, not really."

"Think of the all time we'll have to write. All the experiences we can write about."

Lost in the words that placate lies the truth. Or the lies we mask as truths to hide the feelings our hearts are unable to face.

"I miss you already." Sighs in vein leaving my lips with each kiss goodbye...little more than desperate cries of the heart. Do you welcome such honesty?

* * *

The claim of perfection doesn't sit on this page. You will not find Shakespeare near. Sweet nothings fall short when expressions of a soulful love are actualized and there is always room for growth.

"Our energies continue to build on one another...I don't see that ending soon."

Is that a truth to hold tight or another way to placate?

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1 comment:

  1. Ranee - The poem is really good. A mix of foreboding and pain, but of course, that is how this reader takes it. The middle stanza being my favorite. I liked 'the frayed edges' piece at the top as well. RS