Friday, February 11, 2011

The Language of Us

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                It’s a perplexing set of circumstances leading me to this post.  I’ve spent many nights sitting with pen and paper attempting to describe this feeling…the emotions that have turned my world right side up.  To say I’m in love seems to leave out all the subtle layers of detail that make this love so unique.  Though I wrote a tweet poem or two the words are always just out of reach…until last night. 
It was a revelation, of sorts, that tipped my mind just enough for me to understand the undeniable truth of who we are…together.  This love isn’t meant for the books….it’s not one for epic poetry that will transcend all barriers bringing lovers across the universe together.  No it is soft, gentle, soulful, connected on a level I was –until this moment—unable to quantify, because it’s not meant for words…this love is meant to be lived; fully completely, without reservation, hesitation, or requirement.
            Having said all that, I do think it requires some type of documentation, because this is more than just a passing fancy, a whim of the heart.  So here is where I begin:

The Language of Us

He sees me;
the Me hidden in words,
trapped in universes,
endlessly swimming
in a perpetually moving mind.

Soothing tones calm the spin;
a rhythm of thought ,
set to the tempo
of gentle urgings
and heartfelt sighs.

In the silence,
 soulful whispers finding union;
stringing our beings
beyond requirement for conversation;
a language of gestures and sound.

Connection of souls,
sent down through the ages;
a wave of knowing,
captured in feeling,
a love that’s meant to be lived.

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