Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sweet Temptress

silent cries of the mind
taught to be good
because boys don’t cry
over past regrets

stories hidden in each, she finds
revelations of sorts
darkness that sometimes
leaves a mark on their heart

drowning souls
desperate to impart
past affliction to someone
but not just anyone

in her arms they lie
reminiscent murmurs of jaded events
colored by anger and regret
pouring from their lips

yet still she stays
holding each gently
caller of Men
she beckons such thoughts
pulling them from darkened hearts

comfort is her power
the ease in which she speaks
vulnerability carefully wrapped
in soft silken words

singularity of desire touches her lips
a wish to see the glow
when the sun rises in their eyes
because they know

…with her

they are Men.

Enjoy the wonderful poetry posted by the incredibly talented poets at One Stop Poetry today - Where Poets, Writers and Artists Meet: One Shot Wednesday - Poetry Week 29 http://t.co/eemyqz8


  1. Teasing flowing words of a grown up love song Ranee, you do this every time. I stop and muse at your lines. Amazing x

  2. Beautiful tune in the words - so subtle

  3. love it, ranee! and I see you in every line :)

  4. comfort his her power but I think she gives a piece of her heart away because of it

    Lovely dear Ranee

  5. lovely rhythm to this...oh how she uses her comfort but what does she get in return? nice one shot.

  6. "singularity of desire touches her lips, a wish to see the glow, when the sun rises in their eyes" <-- one of my favorite lines.

    i think she finds the greater happiness...in what she gives.

  7. You depict the complexity of many relationships/situations poetically, revealing such a strong power that is comfort. Well written with many subtleties. Nice work, Ranee!

  8. Giving is often far more rewarding than receiving, as draining as it can be, and you capture this wonderfully in this poem. Well-crafted.

  9. A truly beautiful poem, Ranae. Of course, all of your poetry is wonderful. *hugs* dani

  10. Such beautiful words on giving. I can definitely relate to the emotion of the poem. Thanks for sharing. Here's my one shot: Rhyme Me a Smile

  11. Very complex feelings captured here and presented beautifully

  12. Hi Ranee

    After long time, I am doing the rounds of OSW and liking it and coming to my sweet friends posting was a pleasure .. I am so grateful that this got us connected much more regularly on the TwittVerse...

    I loved your verse and the last lines were so perfect.


    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay