Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Craftsman

Contemporary contemplation
Masterfully ripped
in thoughts dripping amber
each glistens as they enrapture minds

Removed from the confines
of the rational
He toils to lay silken lines
across the beating
Filaments spinning
to liberate the fleeting
whims of those passing by

Expertly crafting melodies
Strung on the hopes
of the ones left beating
the rhythm of language
mapped out in the soul
His thoughts pull them together
making each whole

Left behind in silence
the words still resonant
as antiquity falls
fading to amber
My thoughts are a whisper
Exposed to the rational
reality falters
Faced with the truth
we melt into darkness
He has that affect sometimes

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  1. yeah, i can see that effect...great capture of the melody of this man...nice one shot

  2. absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Nice writing - some strong images

  4. Amazingly vibrant, the words themselves are so strong and distinctive that it really makes the poem pop from the very get go. Love it!

  5. Fine lyrical quality, especially in describing the care taken with language.

  6. "in thoughts dripping amber
    each glistens as they enrapture minds"

    Stunning, Ranee! Absolutely love it!

  7. Gorgeous Ranee...but as long as I've been reading your blog I've yet to read something of yours that doesn't resonate. I'm so glad that one stop bought you to me...daily smiles sister...


  8. The craftsman with the pen as his tool. I feel you on this one.


  9. Loved all of it, but the last stanza blew me away. Awesome!

  10. At first I thought it was a spider. But now I know it's not merely a spider, but a spider with an amber soul who plays for an audience. A poet spider. Maybe not a spider at all, but a poet.

  11. Hi Ranee

    He has that effect sometimes.. so beautiful written.. I liked it . thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  12. I love the thought of a craftsman...the quality involved in making something come to life and be appreciate on its own...very nice...bkm

  13. Excellent flow, language, line breaks. Perfect.