Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If this Problem Persists

If this problem persists
assistance may be required
to sort out the details
of missed connections

If this problems persists
Incessant, relentless
hiding of self
Facts left in darkness
Cause created
for deeper examination

If this problem persists
Held in secrecy
caught from view
Perched on the corners
of eyes unable to see

If this problem persists
Fates will be rendered
Consequences manifest
Never have existed
such Sadness…as the loss
that…this never was
If this problem persists
communication break downs
will start to build-up
resulting in a lack
of us


  1. Again a beautiful poem, Ranee.
    Last Sunday, my Lama did teach me that problems we experience are a construct of the mind. He said: use your remote control to zap to another channel of your mind. A remarkable light approach.

  2. Another great poem. Good communication is crucial in relationships. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Really powerful, Ranee. Excellent One Shot!
    *hugs* dani

  4. The image and the poem compliment each other well. I enjoyed reading this poem.