Monday, June 27, 2011

Turning Time

My @indieink challenge comes from Disease (@ChamindraH / If You Could Turn Back Time.. What Would You Do to Make Things Right?

            I have to admit I wasn’t jazzed to get this prompt. The possibilities seemed pretty limited, given my philosophies on the subject; but the struggles of someone close made me take a second look. This is my response:

            The bigger picture is never clear. We often focus on the details thinking we might find control, but the illusion is no one can halt the progress of time. It’s a tapestry woven with joy and pain. Each event has a place, some threads shine brighter than others. If you take one out, the entire picture begins to unravel, because they interlock to create a life. With every choice, a new thread forms to expand the edges.
Still we grasp the frays tucking them away from memory or dying them in less painful hues; mentally rewriting our history, editing out the parts of the tapestry we don’t want to face. A single thought hits: If we could go back to the beginning, it might be possible to remove the frays altogether. While this may be true have you ever considered the consequences? I have…
I married at a young age to a man I didn’t really love. It’s not that I had to marry him; I could have gone back to school and raised my daughter as a single mother or accepted the proposal of the man I did love. For many years after I left him, I considered what might have happened if I chose a different path. Each time the thought hit me my son would be there, in my arms, telling me about his day. I would smile and nod, and then hug him until I couldn’t breathe.
You see, if I had chosen the other path this amazing child would not be here today. Sure, I would have other children, but not this one or the beautiful little redhead that makes my heart smile. Every event exists for a reason. We can never see the purpose until we live the result. If we change a single thing in our history, it creates entirely different threads. Some may be better, but I believe the better is lived in the now and is based on choices.
Change doesn’t exist in the past, only lessons. We learn and grow from them to make the now right or we repeat the mistakes of our past. Either way, it will only get there when we stop looking over the fence at greener grasses and tend our own.

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  1. Outstanding and wise post! Well done!

  2. I love this Ranee ... and I wrote about it on my blog. Thanks for what you are and what you do!!!

  3. You have learned well, grasshopper. Now you are teaching us with your wisdom.

  4. Superbly Done. I just love the line "Change doesn’t exist in the past, only lessons." Congrats !!

  5. Yes and I really like, "We can never see the purpose until we live the result." That would make a very special prompt!

    Amy L.

  6. Quite a beautiful blog. I think you speak about a subject that affects all of us. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I might change the past. Though there are many things I absolutely would do differently, how would those changes affect who I am today and the people who I know and love? Impossible to say. Always fascinating food for thought.

  7. Love what you say here - I often say something similar to my children when they tell me I should never have married their Dad. Going back - I am not sure there is anything I would change - because that road led me here. :)

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  9. Great post, you sure a smart and have learned from your post, if only we could all learnGreat post, you sure a smart and have learned from your post, if only we could all learn

  10. so true Ranee if choices had've been different present path would have altered shape ~ 'but until we live the result we can never see the purpose' ~ often we wonder should choices had been different ~ woven a different way ~ I too was young when my pregnant with my son so many differing advice on what to do ~ but I went ahead ~ he is now a doctor ~ so if the choices had been made differently not would I have been changed in moulding shape but my son would not have had any impact at all ~ 'the better is lived in the now' from choices ~ really enjoyed this Ranee ~ glad I popped in :)) Love n hugs Lib

  11. I loved how beautifully you described the pain i cannot even imagine you must've gone through.
    But i have to ask..
    what do you do when you know the man you're in love with is the One but he's not ready to be in a relationship?
    Do you let go ? or do you hold on ?

    I am glad you found your happiness :) The pursuit, am sure, was worth it :)