Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Love Story

           I’m done. Maybe you missed the cue or you just don’t care to hear, but believe me there won’t be any doubt after today. This woman is no longer going to kneel before your doctrine and quietly assimilate. I don’t need anyone’s help finding what already lives inside me. So stop knocking, because my door is closed.
Unless—wait, were you here to say something important? Is there some divine message I missed in all those long drawn out lectures you gave? The ones where you mentioned that people who don’t share your beliefs are wrong.
Judgment seems to be the norm. It’s sold on street corners by Religions all over the world like counterfeit Rolexes'; their sales pitch colored by fear, anger, and hate. Salvation is optional in their world; and no one can guarantee if you do it right, if you follow the rules, it will find you in this life or the next.
God isn’t someone you have to seek out or accept. So stop telling me how and where to find him. No building or book carries all the answers, because He exists in each of us as light and love. If no one ever stepped into a church, it would be just another empty building. It’s only when people come to fellowship, share common beliefs, that He can be found walking the edges smiling. Not because you came to pray; it’s the gathering and sharing that’s important.
If you think sharing the love is about opening a book and knocking on doors then you’re missing the point. It’s not about telling me anything; because we’ve all listened to your messages until our ears bleed. You’ve had the same song on repeat for last few centuries and it’s getting old. The notes are no longer in tune and the melody skips every time you point your finger. So close your mouth and show me something.
Show me how you’re going to make the world better. Help that lady down the street with three kids who’s about to lose her house or the guy sleeping on the street because it’s easier for people to walk around than stop and ask why. Don’t sell me salvation from a pamphlet or in a sermon, show me how your actions of love and light will lead you there. Maybe then, I’ll stop and listen to what you have to say.


  1. I so agree with this. I tell this to fellow Christians everyday. I am usually met with empty stares, but the truth of Jesus' teachings need to be heard! You got it!

  2. So well said Ranee, I so agree. I know people that go to church every Sunday and claim to be worthy Christians. These same people wouldn't p**s on you if you were on fire.

    I don't need a book or a building to know how to be a good and loving person. Great post:)

  3. Great post. People have to read this.

  4. When I knock on somebodies door, it isn't because I'm being paid in some way, I'm not selling anything. I have found something true and good which I want to share.
    I don't get so much as a pat on the back for my efforts, nor am I looking for one. I only wish for others to know what I know.
    I too am disgusted by the countless wrongs which are committed in the name of religion, and look forward to a time soon when all the wickedness on earth will be done away with.
    So if you don't want me to knock on your door, tell me next time you see me, you don't have to slam the door in my face. I will make note of your address and respect your wishes without judging you.

  5. When knocking upon ones door the a assumption was made without knowing the message. Maybe the message was Dear Lord today has been difficult. I know you do your best I to guide me. I so sorry if I was out of order or was not perfect. I wanted to tell you even though the day was hard my heart is hurting when I come to You,You never closed the door and if another needs to come to my door I would act and do as You would. Just needed some support Dear Lord thank you,praise you for accepting me without judgment or negetiivity.