Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spirited Love

Weep not for me, you silly child,
for still I linger near.
A gentle touch upon the skin
soft whispers in your ear.

Nightly dreams awaken me
In darkness, I do hide.
Look for me when daylight fades
standing by your side.

In sweet slumber we shall dance
Our bodies intertwined.
Struggle not, my dearest love
your soul shall soon be mine.


  1. Is this one paranormal? Maybe it's because I'm slightly deranged from lack of sleep (it's 1:41am) but it seems like the person's nightly visitor/partner is a ghost or vampire.

    This is why I love poetry! Crazy people like me see vampires and sane ones see a former lover or a family member who's passed on...although the narrator did state that they would soon own the reader's soul....hmm :)

  2. Yes, this poem is paranormal in nature. My mind, in terms of poetry, seems drawn to darker subjects. The seducer is anything but human.

  3. this one I really like. It converys such a lot in a few lines. A powerful poen to say the least. Great work.