Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rendezvous by Sean Vessey - One Shot Wednesday Post

Rollin, in cold light,

Rendezvous with busy Death,

At the coffee house,

I found a note waiting there,

"Three times I missed you,

Love well until we meet again,

Then I will love you,

With my cool lips and bone hips,

For the endless night,

Where you, my steed, meet my needs,

Until the Riders, Ride."

Check out other incredibly talented poets at One Stop Poetry - Where Poets, Writers and Artists Meet: One Shot Wednesday - Week 24 http://t.co/Z1qHeQf


  1. Thank you to Ranee Dillon for hosting this. This started off as a Rollin Haiku and turned into something else. No doubt inspired by Ranee's passionate poems. Enjoy.

  2. A rendezvous long awaited me thinks
    would love a look into the endless night
    perhaps another piece

    thanks Sean for another week of your poetry - glad you took the plunge into One Shot

    this would be a great submission piece for the anthology

    Moonie smile and hugs to you both

  3. Well, now, there's a touch of passion to start the morning off with - interesting relation to death, a fine visualization. Mingles the passion with a sense of inevitability...

  4. I can see its haiku roots. Nice One Shot, Sean and Ranee!

  5. Romantic/Gothic in its bleak, exemplary tone and execution.

  6. Winter, death, spring, resurrection ...this week the cold penetrates and death comes as friend, lover even vaguely like Santa Claus. Interesting themes and your poem is no exception. Beautifully succinct and well written.