Thursday, December 30, 2010

On the Edge of Sanity

Light fading

Falling into darkness

My mind is lost

to the gravity

Of insanity

It stalks just on the edge of sanity. Like the ever setting

sun sitting on a milky horizon coming as a brilliant flash of light

while the sun is pulled into the outer corners of the universe.

That's where my mind balances, on the edge of the universe

between reality and fantasy. A darkened gravity has taken hold of

my mind. I feel the pull, and though I know the call, my soul is afraid

to fall.

The path is familiar to me. It leads to a place littered with

the broken dreams of sanity. All who travel into those depths rarely

return completely intact. With every passing year, I'm more convinced

that insanity will take me. How long can I live in the fantasies dancing

in my mind before they consume my soul?

On the edge of my mind

the aroma of sanity

Assaults the senses

Leaving behind

the bitter taste

of reality

I see the line, know it well, but there are times when I much

prefer to live in those fantasies. The draw becomes greatest when I am

faced with turmoil of the heart. How easy it would be to let myself

tumble into the lost realities found in my fantasy worlds.

They say it's imagination, but I know better. The dreams are

far too real. The taste of them lingers in my mind; so flavorful are these

imaginings that I often become lost.

I reach out for the real world...for something to anchor me

to reality. When those precious few reasons are gone, what will keep

me in your world?

A broken smile

touches your lips

never reaching

The cold light fading

in unforgiving eyes

Ahhh...I see the look in your eyes; the fear behind your smile.

Though you won't admit to the thought, it's there dancing in the back

of your mind. You know the truth, but fear it as much as I.

Do you see the sanity slipping? Is my mask beginning to fall?

Turn now before I lose myself completely. Do not travel down this path.

I could not bear to watch you fall. Better that I should lose myself to

insanity alone than carry the eternal pain of bringing you with me.


  1. wild. and bold. and great. one of the tops of my list of reads, ranee!

  2. Simply beautiful, sorrowful and thoughtful. There is simply no superlative that can be used to properly capture this poem. Tremendous

  3. "Turn now before I lose myself completely. Do not travel down this path. I could not bear to watch you fall."

    one of my favorite posts. i can relate in so many ways.

  4. Sometimes it's better to live in insanity's grip than to muddle through life wondering "what could have been"... Reach out! Hold on to the wings of love and let the sane world pass you by.

    Another fantastic post!