Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Tears to Give

I have no tears to give you

My heart is emptied from the pain

Of love lost to indifference and time

Yes, time wears on all of creation

Pulling things apart at the soul

We are victims of gravity, the faster we spin

The farther you move away

Soon the horizon will take you

But that’s no great loss

Because your heart left long ago

Don’t flatter me with words of love

Tone dead dreams that no longer bear meaning

For they hold no weight in my heart…or yours

Turn from me now before the guilt deepens

Burdens your mind with more than you can carry

The load is light now, weak smiles…indifferent nods

Our robotic love is worn at the circuits

The battery is drained no warning light

No need, for we know…the emptied smile

Spills into your eyes, revealing the hole left

In a blackened soul, no longer willing to fight

For love…if it ever really existed

No, my dear, turn now to light and find

A new dawn before the twilight takes you.


  1. This is very moving and the last two lines are amazing. Great to visit this today.

  2. Here the layers of feelings are scalped one by one in deadly precision. Ranee knows to take you by the hand and not letting loose anymore. Yes, we all walk this unavoidable road to destiny sometime